Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The "Simple" Life

I am fiscally conservative to a fault. I live with no debt and no mortgage, have paid off my credit cards every month since I first obtained one in high school, and I own a small simple house. I worked every year of my life since age 12, paid for my own college expenses by working a lot of part-time hours, and graduated from college without any student loans.

I drove the same old 1991 Honda Accord LX for 14 yrs that I bought during my first job, and never owned a new car until 2004. My Honda had close to 300K miles on it when I donated it to charity in 2004, and was still in great running condition. That Honda, while dull and boring, saved me lots and lots of money over the years in low maintenance fees, trouble-free operation, and I had bought it used on the cheap.

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