Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trimming positions in the morning

Wow, I did not expect the big stock market ramp today, so it warranted a review of my stock holdings at the end of the day. Thanks to some lucky side trades around my core positions during the volatility of the last few weeks, I'm back at all time highs in my diversified stock portfolio. All the recent fear-mongering over subprime amounted to much ado about nothing (for now). Looks like a golden opportunity to trim positions in the morning. I'm going to sell off everything that I picked up a couple of weeks ago, as well as all my small non-core positions. This will help simplify and focus my portfolio, without sacrificing diversification. It'll be a good feeling to do some spring-cleaning at all-time highs. I suspect others reviewing their portfolios will have the same idea, so here's hoping we don't get a -200 pt correction at opening bell - I won't sell if that happens.

Like everyone else, I am also expecting a big correction sometime this year. Which means the correction will probably never happen... :)

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